Fortifying The Security Around Your Home? Tips To Protect Your Residential Steel Fence From The Ravages Of Winter

If you're going to be having a residential steel fence installed around your home, you'll need to consider the winter care that will be needed. This is particularly important if your fencing is going to be exposed to snow or ice during the winter. Steel is an excellent material for residential fencing, especially when you're concerned about home safety and security. However, to avoid rust and corrosion, it does need some additional care and protection during the winter. Read More 

Barcode Scanners For Your Jewelry Business

Growing a jewelry business can overwhelm you once you start placing more and more orders for jewelry and parts. You might need a better way of managing your supplies so that you can more easily place orders and know what stock you've got. You'll need new inventory management software and barcode scanners to track purchases. With them, you can better record information, eventually analyzing jewelry purchases and plan better for different seasons. Read More 

What To Look For In A Can Seamer For Your Oil Filter Manufacturing Plant

Can seamers offer a wide range of applications, and they are commonly used to assemble oil filters for vehicles. The can seamer you choose for your oil manufacturing plant will depend on the type of features that are important to you and your staff. Here is a brief rundown of some options you can select for your can seamers. Mode Of Operation The volume of filters you plan to produce each day can help you to determine the mode of operation for your can seamer. Read More 

How To Fabricate Acrylic Into Sculpture

Acrylic is a strong, lightweight material that is used as a shatter-resistant substitute for glass. It is crystal clear, distortion free, comes in many colors and finishes, and is easily joined together. Transparent acrylic is used to make airplane window glass, signs and displays, furniture, light fixtures, skylights, aquariums, and eyeglasses. And because it is benign when in contact with the human body, it is used to make contact lenses, dentures, and bone implants. Read More 

Five Advantages Laser Cutting Offers In Comparison To Die Cutting

Die cutting is one of the major alternatives to laser cutting. Die cutting is still widely practiced today. However, nowadays it's the method of choice only for cutting jobs involving very simple shapes.   The following are just five of the many advantages laser cutting (such as is offered by J&E Metal Fabricators) offers over die cutting in manufacturing processes: More intricate designs are possible with laser cutting. Die cutting simply can't handle the design complexity that is necessary to create intricate items like doilies. Read More