Three Factors To Consider When Selecting A Jewelry Display Box

As a jewelry designer or retailer, showcasing your pieces is how you get them sold and how you earn a profit. Given the importance of good showcasing, it's imperative that you choose your display box wisely. Here are just three factors you don't want to overlook when selecting a display box for your jewelry.


When choosing a box to display your jewelry pieces, accessibility is going to be one of the most important factors. The value of the pieces you plan to showcase in the display box will offer an indication as to what form of accessibility is necessary. For example, for high-end pieces, it's never a good idea to choose a box that allows customers to access the pieces from the front of the counter.

In this case, access should only be granted behind the counter. However, for low-end jewelry, you could choose a display box that offers more than one point of entry, such as an opening in the front and back.


It's important to ensure your pieces look their best while on display in order to make them more appealing to customers. The first step to accomplishing this goal is to ensure the display box has good lighting. Think about the area where you will display the boxes to determine what type of light is necessary.

If the area where you plan to arrange the display box has poor lighting, you want to choose an option that has built-in lighting. This type of box has a light panel installed on the inside of the box that is powered by electricity or a battery pack. If you are showcasing the box in an area with good lighting, this type of addition might not be necessary.


Will you need to transport the display boxes often? If so, you want to choose an option that allows you to perform this step efficiently. Jewelry display boxes typically come in two options: acrylic and glass. If you don't have a permanent shop or frequently participate in trade-show or exhibition type events, acrylic is going to be a better option than glass.

While acrylic looks very similar to glass, it is not nearly as fragile and is less susceptible to scratching. These qualities make transporting the boxes easier because there is a reduced risk for damage. If you don't have to transport the boxes, glass is an okay choice.

Make sure you are choosing a display box that will present your jewelry pieces in the best way. And talk to a professional display box supplier, like Northwest Paper Box MFRS INC, for more information and options.