Keep Your Farmhouse Safe From Fire: 3 Choices For Traditional Looks With Metal Roofing

Farmhouses may have special needs when it comes to features like exterior finishes. You may also want to use a material that gives your roof more fire resistance. Metal roofing materials are a great choice for rural homes because of their resistance to storm damage, lighting and the durability of metal. Metal is also one of the highest fire rated materials you can have installed on your home. You may also want to have more of a traditional look for your farmhouse, and here are some solutions that can be done with metal roofing:

1. Unfinished Metal Materials To Give Your Roof A Natural Patina

Adding metal roofing to a farmhouse may be something that you want to do to preserve a historic look. You may also want to consider this to give a new house a historic appearance. Natural metal roofing can give you this look with the patina that it will have with age. The raw metal surface will change color with age and look older to give your home more of an authentic look.

2. Using Conventional Roofing Panels With A Protective Coating For Protection

Modern conventional roofing panels have a protective coat on them that you can get in many different colors. This can be a good choice to give your roof more protection from common wear and tear that a metal roof can get. There are two basic types of metal roofing panels; those that have seams and seamless metal roofing. If you are installing a roof yourself, seams are the simplest solution. For a better-performing roof, you may want to have a roofing contractor install seamless metal roofing for your roof.

3. Stamped Metal Products To Simulate The Look Of Conventional Roofing Materials

Another option that you may want to consider for your roof is the traditional look of materials like wood shakes. The only problem with this is that shake roofs can be an extreme fire hazard. An alternative is to use treated or synthetic materials. There are even stamped metal roofing products that can give you the look of shakes. Stamped metal can also give you the look of materials like decorative shingles or slate, as well as many options for colors and protective coatings to protect your new roof.

These are some of the choices of metal roofing that you may want to consider if you have farmhouse that you want to protect from fire and other dangers. A metal roofing contractor like one from JD Metals can help you choose the perfect style of material to preserve the traditional look of your home.