Why Your Cannabis Operation Should Use Cannabis Pouch Filling Machines

Do you legally grow cannabis and ship it out to dispensaries for sale in your state? If so, you likely already put a great deal of effort into making sure you are staying in compliance with all relevant laws and doing whatever you can to package up your cannabis properly before it is sent out for sale. But today, more and more cannabis companies are turning to filling machines to help them automate the packaging process. Here's why your company might want to talk to a provider of cannabis pouch filling machines like Phoenix Engineering for more information.

Avoid Contamination That Could Get Your Company Into Trouble

If your workers are packaging by hand, you likely have certain standards in place to ensure the cannabis goes into the pouch clean. But human errors do occur, and it's entirely possible that some of your cannabis could be contaminated by a worker during this process. If contaminated cannabis is traced back to your company, you will, at the least, lose the trust of the people or dispensaries you are selling to, and at worst, you could end up running afoul of state regulations for the legal distribution and sale of cannabis. An automated filling machine removes the human component from the packaging process and therefore lowers the chances of accidental contamination.

Package Quickly to Meet Increasing Demand

Cannabis is growing in demand across the country with more and more states now offering the medical variety or legalizing it outright. You are probably pleased if your orders and revenue keep going up, but you need to make sure you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping up with demand. Filing machines can help you package much more quickly and efficiently, allowing you to take on more orders or new customers with no issue.

Put the Same Amount in Every Pouch to Maintain Margins

You likely have a set price that you charge for your cannabis, perhaps it's by the ounce and every pouch is supposed to have a specific amount of cannabis in it. But when manually filling the pouches with human labor, it's entirely possible that your worker could accidentally put just a smidge too much into each pouch. Over time, this means you'll be using more of your cannabis supply than you expected for the amount of money you are charging. An automatic pouch filler offers precision, ensuring you never put too much into any one pouch and eat into your profit margin.