5 Ways Steel Fabrication Might Fit Into A House

When people think about steel fabrication and buildings, they usually picture commercial structures. However, there are plenty of uses for residential steel fabrication. If you're planning to build or remodel a house, here are 5 ways fabricated steel might fit into the picture.

Structural Support

Frequently, the main structural supports in a house are wooden. However, there are compelling arguments for structural steel fabrication in residential settings. Foremost, it generally is stronger than wood for use in beams and columns. Secondly, large and long wooden beams are becoming harder to come by with the decline of old-growth forests, while structural steel fabrication can meet practically any need. Thirdly, it's often easier to join steel beams. Finally, you can fabricate structural steel in nearly any shape, making it ideal for less conventional designs.


Many older houses no longer meet the codes needed to survive many potential disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and heavy snow storms. The solution in many cases is to retrofit the houses with fabricated steel. This makes it easy in many cases to join the steel to other structural elements. For example, you might secure a wooden beam to the concrete of a basement floor using structural steel. The design will transfer the force of a major event into the foundation, providing greater stability.

Banding Foundations

A failing foundation may also benefit from structural steel fabrication. One potential solution, if a foundation is crumbling, is to secure it using steel bands. This keeps the foundation in place while securing the steel to other structural systems.

Exposed Structural Features

The rise of the industrial look has blurred the line between the structural and aesthetic elements of a house. Residential steel fabrication is increasingly popular because it allows you to expose elements like beams and columns. Especially if you're doing something like renovating a warehouse for a loft-style look, this can add a sense of stylishness.

Infestation Risks

In some places, the risk of insect infestations is high enough that building with wood is a chancy proposition. If you know that the previous or one of the neighboring ones has suffered termite damage, for example, you might not want the structural components to be their next meal. Residential steel fabrication offers a path to preventing infestations by eliminating the bugs' food source. This approach also can deter birds, rodents, and other animals that might want to make holes and set up shop in your house.