Five Advantages Laser Cutting Offers In Comparison To Die Cutting

Die cutting is one of the major alternatives to laser cutting. Die cutting is still widely practiced today. However, nowadays it's the method of choice only for cutting jobs involving very simple shapes.   The following are just five of the many advantages laser cutting (such as is offered by J&E Metal Fabricators) offers over die cutting in manufacturing processes: More intricate designs are possible with laser cutting. Die cutting simply can't handle the design complexity that is necessary to create intricate items like doilies. Read More 

Keep Your Farmhouse Safe From Fire: 3 Choices For Traditional Looks With Metal Roofing

Farmhouses may have special needs when it comes to features like exterior finishes. You may also want to use a material that gives your roof more fire resistance. Metal roofing materials are a great choice for rural homes because of their resistance to storm damage, lighting and the durability of metal. Metal is also one of the highest fire rated materials you can have installed on your home. You may also want to have more of a traditional look for your farmhouse, and here are some solutions that can be done with metal roofing: Read More 

Three Factors To Consider When Selecting A Jewelry Display Box

As a jewelry designer or retailer, showcasing your pieces is how you get them sold and how you earn a profit. Given the importance of good showcasing, it's imperative that you choose your display box wisely. Here are just three factors you don't want to overlook when selecting a display box for your jewelry. Accessibility When choosing a box to display your jewelry pieces, accessibility is going to be one of the most important factors. Read More 

How The Oil And Fuel Industry Is Changing

The price of oil per barrel can fluctuate wildly due to various conditions such as global conflicts, supply and demand, and environmental concerns. As society adapts the oil and fuel industry must also adapt with it in order to keep up with current trends. Here are some ways that new technology and other factors have changed this booming industry in recent years. Oil-Finding Software Modern prospecting has changed the way fuel companies like Small & Sons Oil Dist Co find their resources. Read More